De Beukelaer


To create an inspiring trend presentation and possible visual directions for the German snack- and biscuit giant Griesson – de Beukelaer.


In cooperation with studio hello-hello we scanned the food and snacks market to discover new innovations within the field. We spotted inspiring trends based on phenomena research and new societal movements. We transformed current micro trends into visual moods and directions as inspiration for future product innovations.


Trend Research
Visual direction
Visual moodboards
Packaging Concept

Berlin bar culture & trends

We took the pulse of the Berlin bar culture in order to do a quick research study for the world-renowned Future Laboratory in London. We arranged interviews with Berlin bartenders to get a insight on current bar culture.



Mercedes Benz


In collaboration with hello-hello we supported agency Jung von Matt with a in-depth research and trend insight for Mercedes Benz, one of the classiest car brands in the world, fully charged with history and heritage.


We took a deeper look into the changing meanings of luxury, and how the key brand values will be interpreted and reshaped within these new understandings. The work consists of a 45 page report including trend forecasts, phenomena analyses, brand positioning and new innovative ideas on how to future proof the Mercedes Benz brand identity.


Trend Forecast
Brand Identity