Exhibition Concept

During summer 2015 we collaborated with the architects büroberlin on a competion for a new museum project in Stuttgart – a memorial covering the history of Gestapo in the German state Baden-Württemberg. Our concept got ranked as Nr. 2 from the in total 9 participants. Wandel Lorch Architekten from Saarbrücken / Frankfurt am Main was the lucky winners which will realize the project. On a third place hg merz architekten landed. Other participants was Atalier Brückner, Büro Münzig, Hans-Dieter Schaal, Raumzeit Münster, Holzer Kobler Architekten and Kocmoc.net.

The task was to develop a exhibition concept for the former “Hotel Silber” – a building with a lot of history. Once a Hotel, head quarter for the german automobil club ADAC, police residence, location for crimes executed by the nazi led Gestapo institution and more.

Our concept included ideas that intended to be interesting for even younger visitors and school groups offering a lot of interactive tools (developed by schnellebuntebilder). We wanted to take one step back from the common “concrete look” memorials often has.

More about the competition here: competitiononline

Allied Museum


To create a playful scenographic room concept and visual ideas for a special exhibition at the Allied Museum Berlin that treats the American history of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport.



Together with Berlin architects FrankeSteinert we used the old airport it self as a source of inspiration for the room design. The entrance opens up with a large photo of the hangar and is followed with walls covered by a motif of heaven to create more depth and refer to the original location. As a room divider we used an abstracted round arch that embodies the building of the Berlin Tempelhof Airport.

© AlliiertenMuseum/Chodan / Little Adén


Visual Concept
Graphic Design

Allied Museum


70 years since the end of second world war is the occasion for the special exhibition “Who was a Nazi?” at the Allied Museum in Berlin. Together with architects FrankeSteinert we were invited to pitch for an exciting exhibition treating themes referred to the political new start in Germany after 1945. Ranked No 2.



Three lead motifs were the source of inspiration for designing the concept of the interior and graphics for the exhibition at the Allied Museum in Berlin. Hide & Seek – the detection of Nazi criminal. Archiving – the processing of documents. New Order – the aim of the Allies was to give the German population a new direction and rebuild the country that had been left in destruction and ruins.



New exhibition project

We recently started to work on a new exhibition project together with Franke Steinert for the Allied Museum in Berlin. It will be an exhibition about the American history of the former Berlin Airport Tempelhof. Opening is in July 2014, we let you know when it is ready!