Berlin streets

Right now in the Berlin streets: Poster design signed LA! It’s about an exhibition at NS-Zwangsarbeit in Berlin Schöneweide – we also made visual concept, identity and graphic design for the exhibition 😌 Go visit!

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum


To develop a graphic concept and design for an exhibition about “Language” at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. The exhibition needed a graphic thread to connect the in total four departments and the entrance space.

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden


Striking graphics and clear colours makes it easy for everyone to read, see and understand.
Through iconic and surprising setups we created a narrative visual language to transport the different topics – An invitation for the visitor to play and experience with all senses.

1.000 m2

© David Brandt / Little Adén


Visual Concept & Art Direction
Graphic Design

Between two Stools


A new permanent exhibition at NS-Zwangsarbeit in Berlin Schöneweide needed a concept and graphic design. The former forced labour camp in Schöneweide is the largest historical memorial in Europe documenting the destiny of forced labourers. The new exhibition “Between two Stools” deals with the fate of about 650,000 Italian prisoners of war.

The 240m2 exhibition opens in November 2016.

Stiftung Topographie des Terrors


An exhibition with an independent design that shows diversity. The interior, graphics and installations are fragmentarily designed, reflecting the personal stories of the Italian internees who once lived and worked in the camp.


Exhibition Scenography
Exhibition Graphics

Martin Gropius Bau


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II the German-Russian Museum Berlin-Karlshorst initiated the temporary exhibition ”Germany-Russia, from confrontation to cooperation” to be exhibited at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin in 2015. The exhibition gives an insight into German-Russian relations since 1945 and approaches the subject through a fragmentary stream that high lights particular milestones throughout their history. Together with the Berlin architects büroberlin and the media designers Schnellebuntebilder we were invited to develop a multidimensional exhibition concept and design to frame the theme and topic in the most suitable way.

Deutsch-Russiches Museum


The history of German-Russian relations are neither linear nor continuous. The combination of graphic design and architecture emphasize and symbolize the diverse political and cultural dynamics between the two nations. Featured milestones in their history evolve as three-dimensional volumes growing out from the wall graphics. Through implementation of vividness in the entire exhibition design we gave some of the more central exhibits, letters and contracts a framework that engages through curiosity and attraction.

660 m2

Project Team
büroberlin (archtiecture)
schnellebuntebilder (media)
Michael Flegel (lights)

Deutsch-Russisches Museum, Berlin-Karlshorst in cooperation with Staatlichen Historischen Museum, Moskau

© Thomas Bruns


Visual Concept
Graphic Design
Preparation of print files

Exhibition Concept

During summer 2015 we collaborated with the architects büroberlin on a competion for a new museum project in Stuttgart – a memorial covering the history of Gestapo in the German state Baden-Württemberg. Our concept got ranked as Nr. 2 from the in total 9 participants. Wandel Lorch Architekten from Saarbrücken / Frankfurt am Main was the lucky winners which will realize the project. On a third place hg merz architekten landed. Other participants was Atalier Brückner, Büro Münzig, Hans-Dieter Schaal, Raumzeit Münster, Holzer Kobler Architekten and

The task was to develop a exhibition concept for the former “Hotel Silber” – a building with a lot of history. Once a Hotel, head quarter for the german automobil club ADAC, police residence, location for crimes executed by the nazi led Gestapo institution and more.

Our concept included ideas that intended to be interesting for even younger visitors and school groups offering a lot of interactive tools (developed by schnellebuntebilder). We wanted to take one step back from the common “concrete look” memorials often has.

More about the competition here: competitiononline