Deutsches Hygiene-Museum


To develop a graphic concept and design for an exhibition about “Language” at the German Hygiene Museum in Dresden. The exhibition needed a graphic thread to connect the in total four departments and the entrance space.

Deutsches Hygiene-Museum Dresden


Striking graphics and clear colours makes it easy for everyone to read, see and understand.
Through iconic and surprising setups we created a narrative visual language to transport the different topics – An invitation for the visitor to play and experience with all senses.

1.000 m2

© David Brandt / Little Adén


Visual Concept & Art Direction
Graphic Design

Marine Stewardship Council


To create ideas, concepts and designs for the MSC yearly campaign that appears at gastronomical facilities around Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The campaign aimed to raise awareness about MSC´s sustainable fisheries and the blue labelling of fish and seafood with a reach for both external and internal target groups.


We created a communication campaign to raise awareness about sustainable fishing through giving “sustainability” a new tone of voice. Green-washing and guilt-tripping were yesterday, we simply wanted to speak plainly and honestly, so better to say it “in Black and White”. Through a low cost concept we decided to create the magazine “Schwarz auf Weiß” that could easily be distributed directly at the canteens. Also posters, postcards and give-a-ways were designed and spread around at several hundred locations.


Communication Concept
Editorial Design
Graphic Design