New exhibition project

We recently started to work on a new exhibition project together with Franke Steinert for the Allied Museum in Berlin. It will be an exhibition about the American history of the former Berlin Airport Tempelhof. Opening is in July 2014, we let you know when it is ready!

Exhibition opening 

The exhibition “Sieger, Befreier, Besatzer” at AlliiertenMuseum Berlin is open! It’s a part of the 2013 Berlin theme year “Diversity Destroyed. Berlin 1933-1938-1945″ and can be visited until the 1st of December 2013. Little Adén is behind visual concept and graphics.

Design lecturing in Zürich

“Trashzine” was the headline at an interdisciplinary course at the University of Arts in Zürich. Trash was the topic – Fanzine the format.

We have been discussing the definition of trash, digging in to historical and cultural movements in the fanzine-making and designing many cool and fancy Zines. + Good weather the hole week!

Made by student:  Romy Strasser