During 2016 we have been fully occupied with developing the visual design for the exhibition “Zwischen allen Stühlen” (founded by Stiftung – Topographie des Terrors) which are treating the topic of Italian Forced labor in Schöneweide, Berlin, during the second world war. We have worked with the space design, development of a 300 page catalogue as well as posters and invitation cards. In November 2016 the Italian as well as the German foreign ministers Gentiloni and Steinmeier came to speak about the topic and open up the exhibition. We are working on updating our portfolio and more pictures from the project will soon be available online.




Lost exhibition design

During summer 2015 we collaborated with the architects büroberlin on a competion for a new museum project in Stuttgart – a memorial covering the history of Gestapo in the German state Baden-Württemberg. To join a competition is always a challenge, and sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. Our concept got ranked as Nr. 2 from the in total 9 participants. Hard, but thats life. Wandel Lorch Architekten from Saarbrücken / Frankfurt am Main was the lucky winners which will realize the project. On a third place hg merz architekten landed. Other participants was Atalier Brückner, Büro Münzig, Hans-Dieter Schaal, Raumzeit Münster, Holzer Kobler Architekten and

The task was to develop a exhibition concept for the former “Hotel Silber” – a building with a lot of history. Once a Hotel, head quarter for the german automobil club ADAC, police residence, location for crimes executed by the nazi led Gestapo institution and more.

Our concept included ideas that intended to be interesting for even younger visitors and school groups offering a lot of interactive tools (developed by schnellebuntebilder). We wanted to take one step back from the common “concrete look” memorials often has. As a participating partner in the developments of visual concept and graphics we would like to share a small piece of our original ideas and moods with you, otherwise they will just get forgotten. Next time a better luck.

More about the competition here: competitiononline






Silber_4 copy_exhibition_design_berlin

English Specialities

We have recently been finalizing a packaging project for the Kreuz-English-Bakery Katie´s Blue Cat in Berlin. The great selection contains such as shortbread, cookies, jam, chutney, granola and sirup in different size variations and tastes. More about the project and the packagings will soon be found in our work section.


Blue cooperation


To strengthen our expertise within editorial design and content we are since July 2015 in collaboration with editor and writer Julia Stelzner under the name – a creative collective where design and content meet. Adén and Stelzner under one roof.



Julia is regularly writing for FAZ Magazin, Zeit, Cosmopolitan, Friends Magazin (Villeroy & Boch) and in lala Berlin Journal. 2014 she released her book “Berlin Fashion” at the publishing house Prestel (Random House). Next to journalism and authorship Julia have many years of experiences within copywriting, concept development and social media content for brands such as Nike, Deutsche Telekom, Zalando, Douglas, Breuninger, Louis Vuitton and Mercedes Benz. We are looking forward to the new collaboration and are happy to expand the expertise.


Chamber Club Design


As a member of the Swedish chamber of commerce in Germany we got the offer to create an update on their corporate design including refreshment of logotype, leaflet, business cards and paper sheets. The yellow cross is a symbol inspired by the Swedish flag representing the values of the chamber union: openness, transparency, and connection point

The profile is dominated by the Swedish colours blue and yellow, and complemented with a light red-orange tone to re-connect to the German relation.

Where is 2015?

One can ask one self what to expect from the design trends in 2015? There is some new things and ideas coming up (will not comment them here and now), but after a quick look out there it looks like the nostalgic trend is continuing big times, everywhere! Packaging, fashion, interior and products with a look from the last century, the 50s, 60s or any other decade except our own. All over, in each mainstream corner you find it. Any average person seem to collect retro furnitures, bake sour dough bread after grandmas recipe and dream about classic cars. Nothing is really wrong with it, its a free world. But one can ask one self if we part time live in some kind of movie set society. Apparently a time with a lost of own identity and big escape from bigger global issues that concerns 2015.


retro_4 (kopia)