With over 970 outlets across Germany dm-drogerie markt is Germany’s largest drugstore chain. Belonging to DM, Alverde is the most well-known nature cosmetic brand in the country. Alverde is recognised as an authentic, experienced and proven bio-cosmetic brand.

Through market research, trend spotting, brand positioning and a 3-step gradual upgrade of the label- and packaging design we worked out a strategy of how to emotionalise and strengthen the branding. We asked which visual approach would make the brand appear more innovative, amplify originality and strengthen its authenticity while still being respectful to its history.

Team: Judith Mair, Floor Kuitert


An updated logo and packaging design that dare change. We consciously removed everything that was unnecessary to give space for what´s essential through using reduced forms, motifs and colours. Less green, a straightforward color coding and clear content aimed to simplify the product’s benefits and underline its credibilities.


Trend Forecast: Market research, Trend spotting, development of Trend Worlds

Packaging Concept: Consumer Insights, Market insights, Visual direction, Strategic Concept, Visual Concept

Packaging Design: Color Concept, Development of re-branding, Labeling, Packaging