As a part of the 2013 Berlin theme year “Diversity Destroyed. Berlin 1933-1938-1945”, our mission was to create an extra exhibition design for the foyer of the Allied Museum in Berlin: “Victors, Liberators, Occupiers. German Jews in the service of the Allies”. The exhibition gave further insight about German Jews who emigrated from Germany to later return to their homeland together with the allied occupation.



Together with Berlin architects FrankeSteinert we developed a hand tailored design concept for the special exhibition. 15 different biographies with text, pictures, video interviews and exhibits were designed to fit on asymmetrical boards and vitrines. 15 individual stories in a historical time when each person’s life leaned upon an insecure future gave the idea of working with asymmetry and cutted typography.


Visual Concept
Graphic Design
Preperation of print files